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Référence  : N/A
Titre  : N/A
Artistes : TOUS
Date de sortie : N/A
Format : Acetate 10″
Nombre de pistes : 1-4
Durée :  approx 10:00 min per side
Production : BAT Records

Here you can easily customize and order your own dubplate from Bat Records music. Choose tracks from the playlist on this page, and have it burned on real 10″ acetate.


1. Choose 4 tracks from the playlist above. Remember name and artist carefully. Please remember thant maximum length is about 10 minutes on each side.

2. Then, send directly your order by emailing at studio@bat-records.com. Specify if you want original mixs or specials and unreleased dub plate mixs.

Unlike polyvinyl dubplates, the acetate dub plate is long lasting and shows better sound quality.
All acetate are recorded in MONO on 1950s acetate cutting machine. These dubplates are carefully cut and manufactured in France.


50 euros :
10 inch dubplate with 4 original mixs from Bat Records. Choose your tracks in the playlist below and have it… on acetate vinyl.

70 euros :
10 inch dubplate with 4 alternate dub plate mixs. Choose your tracks in the playlist below and have a unique special or alternate version of it… on acetate vinyl.

© Bat Records 2021

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 2 cm

Coodeh Music, I-Fi, Jolly Joseph, Joseph Cotton, Marcus I, Pilah, Pinnacle Sound, The Daisy Partners, Dub Shepherds, Ikadub, Jahno


BAT Records


Acétate (Dub Plate) Vinyl Mono 10", Acétate (Dub Plate) Vinyl Mono 10" – Alternate Mixs

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