Pacifically – Jolly Joseph & I Fi at BAT Records

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Référence  : DB006
Titre : Pacifically
Artistes : Jolly Joseph, I Fi, Dub Shepherds

Date de sortie : Juillet 2021
Format : Digital
Nombre de pistes : 8
Durée : 26:33 m
Production & Label : BAT Records,

Here comes a fresh EP starring I Fi & JOLLY JOSEPH. Not a duel but a real meeting between two singers of BAT Records delivering 8 warm tracks mixed on analog tape.
Composed and recorded in a few days with Dr. Charty, the 2 featurings, 2 combinations, and 2 dubs driven through the Tape machines are musically and lyrically tight and accurate.

All tracks composed by I Fi, Jolly Joseph & Doctor Charty
All tracks recorded at BAT Records studio by Dub Shepherds
All vocals written by I Fi & Jolly Joseph
All tracks mixed by Dub Shepherds
Horns by The Unique Horns (tracks 7 & 8)
Mastering by Doctor Charty at BAT Records

1/ Feel The Heat
2/ Feel The Dub
3/ Call Me Anytime
4/ I’m Gonna Catch You
5/ Pacifically
6/ Heartically
7/ Calling For
8/ Hot Line Dub

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