Echo Minott & The Hot Peppers – Are You Ready ?

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Reference  :BAT015-S1
Title : Are You Ready ?
Artists : Echo Minott, The Hot Peppers
Release Date : June 2024
Format : Digital
Tracks : 2
Time : 07:39 m
Production & Label : BAT Records,


Written by Echo Minott
Composed by The Hot Peppers
Recorded & mixed by Dub Shepherds
Executive Producer : BAT Records

Musicians :
Echo Minott : lead vocal ; Alexis Chartier : Keyboards, Joseph Parot : Basse, Percussions ; Sylvain Isserlis : Guitare, Percussions, Backing Vocals ; Ludovic Rigonnet : Batterie ; Roy Morlat : Keyboards ; Fabien Charbonnier : Piano ; Antoine Emanuel Martin : Backing Vocals ; Alexandre Lafforgue : trumpet ; Marc Gravejat : trombone ; Maxime Merle : saxophone

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The Seed You Sow…
Dud Shepherds met Echo Minott in 2016 through the Dub Master Clash project, a concept of dub events which saw several dub producers “clash” against each other (Pilah, Fabasstone, Anti-Bypass, Roots Raid, Dub Shepherds) with a lot of remixes and hardmix. Echo Minott Officiated as Master Of Ceremony on several occasions, and a solid friendship was born between the Jamaican and the young producers from France.
From these clashes of reverb and echo was born a maxi 12”, “This World is ina Mess”, engraving in wax the first collaboration between Dub Shepherds and Echo Minott. To be continued…

…You Shall Reap Someday
In 2023, Dr Charty goes to Jamaica with a bag full of fresh riddims, and is welcomed there by Echo Minott. Do you see the blackboard ? We will spare you here the photos of the trip, and let us only select the fruit of this musical encounter, five titles that make up Mango Tree – Showcase. Enjoy Music Lovers!


The Seed You Sow…
Dud Shepherds rencontre Echo Minott en 2016 par le projet Dub Master Clash, concept de soirées dub qui voyait “s’affronter” plusieur producteurs dub (Pilah, Fabasstone, Anti-Bypass, Roots Raid, Dub Shepherds) à grand coup de remix et de hardmix. Echo Minott Officia en Master Of Ceremony à plusieurs reprises, et une amitié solide est née entre le jamaïcain et les jeunes producteurs Clermontois.
De ces clashs de reverb et d’écho est née un maxi 12”, “This World is ina Mess”, gravant dans la wax la première collaboration entre Dub Shepherds et Echo Minott. Affaire à suivre..

… You Shall Reap Someday
En 2023, Dr Charty se rend en Jamaïque avec le sac rempli de riddims tout frais, et est accueilli sur place par Echo Minott. Vous voyez le tableau ? On vous épargnera ici les photos du voyage, et ne sélectionnons que le fruit de cette rencontre musicale, cinq titres que composent Mango Tree – Showcase. Enjoy Music Lovers !

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